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SubscribeFancy Guppy Breeds
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Who all has ever bred fancy guppies and what strains/traits/colors did you try to get out of it?

I'm asking out of curiosity as at one point in time I was breeding them and had managed to have some interesting colors.
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Mega Fish
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Guppies are a lot like the cats of the fish world. Commercially bred guppies tend to be riddled with random genetic material rather than throwing out fry that look similar to them (the tabby cat having kittens of about 12 different colors). You yourself can start to "develop" new strains through breeding fish of specific desired traits and so on (be careful not to inbreed too much) until the fish look new and interesting.

"Fancy Guppies" from pet stores tend to be "mutts" however it is often more fun to raise these fish for their variance in colors and to see how the easily bred fry develop (as far as colors).

I have bred fancy guppies, but because I wasn't specifically trying to create a new strain or maintain a strain... I was breeding them for feeders.

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