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Just a quick question... I've had guppy fry before and I'm just wondering how molly fry compare, size-wise. As in, are molly fry the same size as guppies? Twice the size? Somewhere in between?

I just had a molly fry pop up in my tank and have no idea when it was dropped. (Yes, just one. Maybe it was her first drop or the other fish were practicing population control.) I'm just wondering if I could guesstimate how old it is by size, but I've never kept mollies before.

If this fry were a guppy, I'd guess about three weeks old, if that helps.

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A little bit bigger at birth (depends on parent/spawn size/etc), and they put out a similar growth spurt in that first few weeks.

Probably fairly recent if it is 3 week old guppy size, maybe a week or less old?

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