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A few years ago, my whole guppy colony was wiped out by columnaris introduced by one nice female. Only five fry that were living in a breeder box survived.

A adult pair of guppies was introduced, more was bought in time. sometime, about six months later, unfortunately they were wiped out AGAIN by ick save one female from the five fry and a few others.

The five fry were two males and three females. two females looked exactly the same. strangely, they died a few days apart when they were about six months old. So the two males and one female remained. One male died in the ick outbreak. The other male had died since then, the remaining female is quite old, over two years of age,
and she has only three batches of fry. She stills gets around fine, she looks young & fit. I've noticed some female guppies are hounded & chased by amourous males 24/7. While some are hounded/chased rarely. This female is one of them. What makes them unattractive? I mean, there's nothing wrong with her.. She's just old. I have a female guppy that's only about.. 11 months old and she has already has over eight batches of fry.

I was wondering, if any one else noticed that some of their guppy females are left well alone while others are chased by randy males 24/7?

thanks guys.
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Just be careful that your female guppies are not chased around 24/7 by a tonne of males since this can stress them out. Try to have a greater ratio of females/males.. So say 4 females for 2 males...

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