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SubscribeMy Molly Gave Birth!!! What do i do?
Small Fry
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male usa
My molly just finish giving birth a couple hours not too familiar with molly fish as i just brought them about 2 weeks ago...should i remove the fry or is it safe to leave them in there? please help ASAP!!!!!!
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Mega Fish
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male usa
Are they in with any other fish. My experience with mollies is that they don't seem to bother their own fry, however any other fish that can fit one in their mouth will probably have them for dinner.

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Small Fry
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male usa
They are in there with two chinese algae eaters who are not that agressive.
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Big Fish
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male australia
They should be fine. Just keep them feed well. I would increase the feeding intervals so that the babies will grow quicker.

Have you plants for the babies to hide in?(preferably in the top part of the tank). The parents are not that aggressive towards there young but could eat a few.

Appart from that it will be smooth sailing. Easy as they are to keep going. Keep up your water changes and take care so as to not suck the babies up!

Good luck. Looks like you are a successful parent!
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female usa
If you aren't familiar with livebearers, do a little light reading on this website. You should know, if you have a male and female together, they'll probably reproduce again shortly...with no assistance from you. I have found that other fish (angels, paradise fish) will do population control. That way, you won't be overpopulated. If you decide to keep the fry and have other fish who like to eat fry, get a breeder net (approx $4) from your local department store. I currently have my fancy guppy from in a 15 gallon tank with an otocinclus. They are growing like weeds. Good luck with your babies!

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Small Fry
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male usa us-florida
I got a couple mollys 2 weeks ago one is black n her stomach is big but i cant tell if she is pregent because she`s black i need help i dont know what to do???

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