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SubscribeMy platy had babies! :)
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So, I'm cleaning the tank, and unfortuantly, I gravel sucked up a fry. It's ok though, after a frantic save and freak out, he's fine. Here's the question - I only found one, so I'm assuming that either the others are hiding or have been eaten. He's currently in a plastic cup, I need to get a nursury tank, right? He's sooo small. 2 little eyes, and he's orangish, and soo tiny. Off to the LFS today, I guess. Any words of advice?
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A nursery tank is a good idea. Platy fry can eat finely crushed flake 3-4 times a day. Because of being fed more often make sure you do frequent water changes.

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Sounds a lot like the first time I found a little platy fry in my tank. I stuck him in a cup and rushed off to the store and bought an entire 2.5 gal setup for him. I would definitely suggest picking up something for the little fry to live in until it grows up. Here's a picture of my little guy from about 3 weeks ago.(he's the bigger one in that picture)

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I only found one, so I'm assuming that either the others are hiding or have been eaten.

You may have more in there somewhere. In our larger tank we've got some platies and we found a fry. about three days later we found about 5 more hiding behind the filter.
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