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SubscribePlaties Cold Water Fish???!!!
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male australia
I always thought that platies need heater but today I heard from the LFS that platies are cold water fish and can be kept outdoor in the pond!

I am confused... are all livebearer coldwater?
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I think the profiles section says 20 to 26 Celcius for Variatus Platy. I also noticed that they are not as lively and active at the lower temperatures. I personaly keep my platys tank at 26 with a heater as I live in an area that is cold most the year. I have heard of people keeping them in ponds but only in places with a warmer climate. We used to keep Gambusia in our cattle pond for mosquito control when I was a kid and they survived the winters too. Of course this was at a lower warmer elevation. If you are keeping them in a pond I guess it all comes down to what the seasonal temperatures get down and up to in your pond.

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They arent coldwater fish, just their tolerance limits includes cool water ranges in a few populations.

Lfs BS again. Theres always some bright spark in an LFS who peddles rubbish like that. If you have the same water temps as their south american habitat at low elevation . often in protected climates surrounded by forest,so the worst temperature changes are avoided , then fine, if not, dont put em outside. Some of the freakier inbred mollies and platies like the balloon types are likely to get almost instant swim bladder failure when put outside of warm temperatures.

Most platys you can buy are bred and kept multigenerationally in warm temperatures anyway, and may no longer be as temperature resistant as their wild relatives. You might kill a lot of fish trying to get one or two to survive winters. Its probably not worth it.

Sometimes I think shops make this sorta crap up just to sell more fish, even if the only way they can do that is get you to kill them. Can you imagine that line working here in the UK? Theres probably only one month in the year our water temps wouldnt kill platys stone dead. Cool tolerant maybe, but proper coldwater fish? No way.

Take all such information with a pinch of salt, lets not forget, most LFS's sell meds that dont work, foods that arent balanced, filters that barely perform, deformed fish, and give out advice that tanks cycle in two weeks, and sell bowls for goldfish. Cant put too much faith in people like that eh?

Last time I was in my lfs 3 people had me making stocking lists and one gave the assistant a very loud rollicking for telling them tanks cycle in a week. I did so enjoy myself

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male australia
Thanks Guys... I feel better now that I am right!

Cannot imagine how platys can survive in the outdoor pond when even indoor in winter, our cold tank water for the yabbie can be very cold.

Speaking of cycle, one guy from the LFS said to me once that when you setup a new tank, just let the filter run in the tank for 2 weeks before you buy any fish because in couple of weeks, the tank will be fully cycled. I was thinking how on earth can a tank be cycled with brand new filter and just water? Even fishless cycle requires ammonia and beneficial bacteria!
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