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Small Fry
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my swordtail looks like shes going to burst how will i know when the babies are definitly coming out?
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male usa
they will often swim barely and at the top. Not moving much and then u should see her acting alot different. then you should once and awhile see her wiggling.
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male usa
Not that this has anything to do with pregnant swordtails, but I haven't seen many people talk about them on this message board. Have any of you had bad experiences with them? I think when it comes time that this will be the next fish I add to the tank. I just find them interesting!


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male usa
After a gravid spot appears her belly will square up and you should have a day or maybe two. Right before she will stop eating almost completely. Most people have good success in the morning but I have only had success at night before sundown but that is probably coincidence. If you try a move to a breeding net or tank she may abort from stress. If she does not remove her immedialty from the net/tank. She will be exhausted and tired so if you male is a jerk try a QT tank for the morning/night. If your tank is heavily planted you might just be able to leave them and let the fry survive on their own this also has to do of course with you tank mates and number of fry hiding spots. This method will however leave you with a high mortality rate were as seperating will give you a high rate. Good Luck

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