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SubscribeProblem with platy fry.
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Hi guys.

I have a group of platy fry, all born at the same time but different in sizes.
in the brooder, the fry were fighting so Imoved them to a 10g tank to live in until big enough to go in with the adults. they've stopped fighting, but some of the fry still have clamped fins and don't seem happy.

how can I sort that out? ideassssss/ advice?

thanks guys.
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It is common for fry to pick up velvet at a young age, especially with the stress of moving environments. If they look at all dusty or stiff, there is a good chance it is a parasite.
I'd consider a dose of multi-cure for the prescribed time. It will effect your biofilter, but it should get rid of the parasite that causes the fry to clamp up.

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I'd also check the water parameters and do a water change. Clamped fins is a fairly general symptom of stress.

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