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SubscribeWhich has more fry, guppies or platies?
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male usa
This might be too general of a question, but out of guppies and platies, which would normally have the most fry, and how often?

29g - 5 Head and Tail Light Tetras, 1 Black Phantom Tetra, 1 melanistius cory, 1 Featherfin Synodontis, 1 otto
29g - 14 harlequin rasboras, 5 albino corys, 3 ottos
10g - 1 glowlight tetra, 2 Black phantom tetras, 1 red betta on entertainment center
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male usa
Luckily, live beares are the only fish i know anything about .

Its generally...
Guppies-about 20-100, but there are reports of 150-200 dry
Mollys-30-50, but up to 100 is possible
Platys & Swords-anywhere from a few to 100
- More Fry will be born in bigger, healthier, fishys.

Hope this helps, ham. ( feel free to share the fry with me )
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male usa
Good post ham . In my experiance with guppies, they have plent of fry, as for how often, it depends on how many females you have in the tank, it should be a 2-3 female to male ratio. if you have say, two male and 5 female guppies, in a tank not seperated from eachother, you will have guppy births at irregular intervals, depending on when the male gets the female pregnant, and i have heard that the female guppy can have up to three batches of fry before she needs to be pregnated agan. A good way to keep guppy population down is to keep the male and females in with the fry, they will eat there fry. if the tank is provided with lots of ground cover, the more of a chance you will have of your guppy fry living untill they are large enough to not be eatin. But then agan this is just what i have experianced, so someone else might have something to add about platies.
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male australia
both breed like rabbits they spawn every 2 - 6 weeks so if you had lots of plants and small places for the fry to hide you will be wanting more room or an oscar to feed the ones you don't want in a couple of months as they grow quickly

woot woot woot woot woot woot
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