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Subscribemollies in a salt water tank?
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my friend wanted to start a salt water aquarium but has 3 mollies left and he wants to know if the mollies could live in hard core salt water if not so he could wait till they die

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Mega Fish
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mollies are freshwater ONLY.

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Tch, what? Mollies can live in full saltwater no problem, you just have to acclimate them over a couple months. People even use mollies to cycle saltwater tanks.

Freshwater only isn't even right, mollies originate in brackish waters. I've never kept them, but I've heard they do better in brackish water than freshwater.

I've only ever seen sailfin mollies in saltwater, though, so at least I can't confirm I've seen your normal Poecilia sphenops in full saltwater.

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My father in law uses mollies as feeder fish. He has a brackish tank of them. He puts them from the brackish tank to salt water tank, salt to brackish, salt to fresh. You do not need months. Float them in a bag for 30 minutes slowly bring water from the tank in the bag.
That is more then my father in law does. The fish will be fine. They will even breed in salt water.
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