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Big Fish
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I am setting up a 30 gal SW FOWLR Tank. I am curious on what everyone thinks about Protein Skimmers and Filters. I am really just going to have a clown and a couple other little guys in the tank. I would love to eventually add an Anemone and maybe some polyps. Let me know what you guys think the best equipment is.
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Tenellus Obsessor
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Hi Chrissy,

I'd put in at least 30lbs of live rock and maybe a koralia 3 powerhead for flow. A good HOB skimmer would be a coralife super skimmer or an aquaC remora. That would be all you'd need for some fish. If you were to add any anemones or corals you will need some high output lighting. A 4X39w T5HO fixture would work or maybe a 150w halide fixture would work there.

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