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SubscribeAnother new tank. Help
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male usa
EditedEdited 20-Sep-2010 21:34
I just had a sweet tank land in my lap, my friend used it as fresh then converted it to salt, He overloaded it big time, lost all of his fish...
It is a 140g 38" tall 16" deep and 54" wide, not allot of surface area, next issue it has duel Ocean Clear canisters, one has a pleated filter but the second has bio balls, I'm not sure if that set up works. I'm adding a skimmer and it has a very large UV. I basically got it for the 48" wide fake coral but when my wife saw it she loved the stand so it is going in our bedroom.
Will this work as a sealed system? and someone please give me a list of 10-15 marine fish that will live long and be friendly to each other. I want a variety of colors and shapes. I know this is going to be a pain to keep so I need hardy fish.
Thank you in advance.
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Fish Addict
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female usa us-illinois
Sweet deal on the tank!! congrats!!!

Wish i could help with the stocking, but still havent ever crossed over to the dark side...having to much fun with the freshwaters still.... but wanted to congratulate you on the newest tank!!!!!!
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