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Thanks Garry,

I think in my case the hairgrass didn't make it because the HM and rotala quickly grew up around it and shaded it pretty well. Like yours, mine was doing OK, sprouting runners and looking nice and green. As the others grew, the grass slowed down and got stagnant. It's lack of light.

That's another challenge of small tanks, getting the proper amount of light for everything. There's little room to work with sometimes, and it's very easy for a light loving plant to get shaded. I'm OK with it so far, as I like the ground cover the HM is giving.

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All wood under good light get's algae. All those nice lily pipes get algae too. Even the one's in Amanos gallery and ADG. Someone just goes around cleaning them.

Take the wood out very slowly and use a siphon to suck out all the nasty stuff that comes up. Then clean the wood with a brush and refill the tank. You've cleaned the wood and done a water change at the same time.

One of my favorite friends in aquaria is a simple 1/2 inch hose. Whenever I lift a rock or move stuff around I immediately suck out any disturbance.

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Looking nice, although it is rather full of HM . Cut it in a slope, for crying out loud

Seriously, HM is currently becoming a favorite of mine again, I have it now in 3 tanks (20, 29, 125).

Good job,


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