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Small Fry
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male usa

I have a Bubble Tip in a 55 gal using a Smartlight pc with 130 watts. I has a maroon clown that loves it to death. When I first brought it home the clowns were not too interested in it. It was just a tiny thing without much color hiding under a rock shelf. The female clown finally found it and in about 4 months the color has changed to a dark coffee color. I feed it squid 4-5 times a month and the clown feeds it daily [when they get fed] So far the lights have worked out well.
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Mega Fish
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female usa
I would think 130 watts sounds low, but then I think the smartlamps were VHO or high output flourescent?

I've solved my lighting problems -- per the Classified section of this forum I will use the fixture for FW for about another year to 2 years, and after that, will use it for an anemone! YAY!!
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Fish Master
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male usa
Do clownfish have to have an anenome to be happy? Could I have one or two on their own? I see them that way in the lfs, but you can see a lot of things that aren't correct in an lfs.

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DarkRealm Overlord
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male usa us-colorado
Clownfish do not need an anemone to be happy.....they will do just fine without them. Tank raised clownfish probably wont take to an anemone....just something to keep in mind.
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Hi Dan - great post many thanks.

I have got an Atlantic Anemone. I believe it's sting is just too potent for a clown. Is this right? you didn't mention it in your list.

I was told (An subsequently read) that Anemones are filter feeders along with their zooplankton. As such my anemone has postioned itself infront of my powerhead. I am feeding my tank frozen Myces & brine shrimp and am adding the lot including juice directly to the water. Is this sufficient for my anemone to obtain adequate nutrients? So far (3weeks in tank) it is looking very healthy good pink colouration and already stung a Damsel & Hermit crab!
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female usa
Strange as it sounds, I'm working on my very first marine tank right now. I've only had it for a month and one of my first additions was an anemone for my Percula Clown. I didn't know that they were supposed to be difficult because then I would have been nervous to get one, but apparently my lighting is up to par and I've been feeding it well because it's still alive one month later. yay for me! [I just feed it shrimp]

1 Ocellaris Clown: $14.95...1 Pink Dottyback: $12.99...1 Three Striped Damsel: $4.50...1 Blue Velvet Damsel: $8.95
The Problems that come with them: Priceless
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