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Mega Fish
Some Assembly Required
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male usa us-ohio
I was just wondering what everyone elses opinions and preferences were on these topics:

Do you keep the glass tops on or off?
Canopy or no canopy?
Reef with or without fish?
Hard or Soft coral?
If hard coral, LPS, SPS, or both?

Now I know many people have multiple tanks that are mixed, but what if you could only have ONE tank, what would they be? Also, whys on all of those?
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DarkRealm Overlord
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Do you keep the glass tops on or off?

Off...helps in cooling, and also lets more water evaporate so you can drip more Kalkwasser for top off water.

Canopy or no canopy?

Canopy....primarily to block overflow light from MH and it also helps to quiet down the sound of overflows by blocking some of the noise.

Reef with or without fish?

Limited fish because of nutrient issues. Less fish means easier time keeping water parameters where you want them.

Hard or Soft coral?

Hard corals..I just enjoy them more.

If hard coral, LPS, SPS, or both?

SPS dominated with a select LPS thrown in as fillers/variety. I prefer SPS because the colors are generally more vivid and because they are more of a challenge.
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Fish Master
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female usa
shall I just say "ditto?"

I have no glass tops.

I have a skirt, to keep fish from jumping, to have fans for ventilation, and to block MH light from blinding everyone.

Reef with fish, but not too many. Lots of clean up animals. (ie: CBB for aiptasia, one fish for algae, etc.) And then of course, anthias, but they dont count.

hard! doh

SPS all the way

I like a couple LPS. But if I had to choose? Acros any day.

Yeah, basically? Ditto Nate.

-Formerly known as the Ferretfish
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Tenellus Obsessor
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Do you keep the glass tops on or off?

Off, for same reasons as DRO...cept the kalk, I don't drip that.

Canopy or no canopy?

Hmm...canopy if i go with VHO in the future. Right now I have no canopy, because my lights sit right on top of the tank and there isn't much glare or anything.

Reef with or without fish?

With as many as possible without sacrificing water quality.

Hard or Soft coral?


If hard coral, LPS, SPS, or both?

LPS, they have some awesome colors, if you get nice ones, and some move in the "breeze". Plus they aren't as picky for water quality and lighting as most SPS.

Critical Fertilator: The Micromanager of Macronutrients
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