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Fish Addict
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male australia
i have read that in a reef tank you can have as in extremely general rule 1inch of fish for 7.5gals.

my question is
when caculating how many inches fish you can keep do you count the water in the sump/fuge as well as the display.

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male usa us-virginia
*If* you were to use that rule, you would include the water outside of the display as well as in. However, this rule only accounts for the waste-producing tendencies of fish, and can't provide any guideline for territoriality or swimming space. You're not going to be able to stick a volitan lionfish in a twenty gallon sump even if the main tank is two hundred gallons.

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Big Fish
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male usa
If you have enough live rock you really dont have to follow that rule. the most important thing is temperment. You have to watch the fish if there all fighting you have to many. There really isnt a cut and dry rule because its more how the fish react with each other and the corals that you need to watch.
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