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SubscribeMy new buy!!!
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male usa
I just ordered some coral for my 29 gallon. They will be my first coral I have ever kept, besides my florida condi anemone. I was wondering if I could touch the coral when I place them into my tank or do I need tongs of some kind. The corals are 1 Hammer, 1 Candy, 1 Green Candy, 1 Green Hairy Mushroom, 1 Spiny Cup Pectinia. It is a stupid question,but I don't want to harm the coral.

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DarkRealm Overlord
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male usa us-colorado
use non powdered latex gloves when handling corals...not that they will bother you, but the oils on your skin are better off not getting on the coral
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male usa
what do u need to have coral ???? light etc

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