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SubscribeStone Crab
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male usa
Hello, i've had my tank for about 2 years, ive been wondering why all my fish have been dissapearing. But yesterday i was watching the tank when i saw a stone crab latch onto my poor pelicula fish's neck. He snapped its neck and ripped out its organs. Now i know where my 300 dollars worth of fish have been going. Problem is i cant get him out of the tank without ripping apart my rockwork, what do i do?
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Fish Master
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Scientific name?

I'm not familiar with this crab in particular and I dont have the energy to look it up, but I had a satanic emerald crab in my tank and after a couple of days of watching him during feeding time, he was in just the right spot for us to spear him. No, I'm totally kidding. We got him with a net. But hey, whatever you have to do. Mine devoured a school of baby princess anthias, he deserved to die...

I guarantee that however it happens, it's not going to be quick, but dont give up.

The other option is finding something that is it's natural predator, if they have one...

-Formerly known as the Ferretfish
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