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Small Fry
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female usa
i'm looking for table greens to feed my tangs i feed them seaweed but am looking for something i can buy at the market i tried romaine lettuce but they didn't seem to like it .......any ideas
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Tenellus Obsessor
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male usa us-northcarolina
You can buy the seaweed pretty cheap at asian food stores. I'm thinking they call it nori or something like that. Formula 2 is also a good veggie food. Other than that I'm not too experienced feeding them people food....and I'm not sure how good it would be for them. Maybe try spinach?

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male usa us-virginia
Really, you're better off feeding nori or food which is formulated for tangs/herbivores. Sometimes people can get away with feeding table foods to fish, but it seems pretty unnatural. Plus, there would not be as much of a nutritional benefit to feeding something like lettuce when compared to a natural algae diet. Not only that, there is the matter of pesticides. Though they probably aren't lethal in those small doses, they aren't going to be good for the fish.

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Fish Master
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female usa
sushi nori they love it! you can buy lots of different kinds of algaes and seaweeds at your LFS or online, and sometimes Asian markets sell the stuff too...believe it or not, the stuff the pet store sells isn't too different from what's in sushi my purple tang loves seaweed selects and julian sprungs algae sheeets too

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