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SubscribeUpdate: Mikrogeophagus ramirezi; Field: Common Names
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I am strongly inclined to reject this change request. To a minor degree, I have never heard of that name as a common name for the Ram, yes, its habitat is in Venezuela, but also in Columbia. I could not find any reasonable source (actually none at all so far) that uses this name).

In addition, I think we should rethink all the names that are listed above. For example, where does the "Singapore Ram" come from and a Balloon Ram is not another name for this fish in the first place, but for a specifically bred version of it.

You know what, I am going to reject anyway, even if it turns out that I am wrong. Hopefully it will create a constructive discussion about all these names up there.

weird22person - Can you please provide the source where you got this name from? Thanks in advance,


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I agree with ingo, it should really read :

Blue Ram
Butterfly Cichlid
Gold Ram

The other types should be mentioned in the variants section, the place of large scale breeding production and body style should not be legitimate common names. The gold ram only gets a credit because its such a common morph it makes up probably 50% of the numbers of this species being sold.

The names on this profile are getting a bit over the top.
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