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SubscribeAggressive neons;
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I bought six tiny neon tetras to coexist with my last adult sized neon from my last batch. A few hours after being released from the bag, they began chasing and nipping at each other. Are they sorting out the pecking order, like, who's top neon? If not, what are they doing then? They also follow the large neon everywhere he goes. If he goes inside the log where the BN resides, inside the new neons go too, much to his annoyance.

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Neons are usually peaceful, and they are most likely just setting up a pecking order. I dont the bigger neon is annoyed with the followers, since they are a schooling fish, and feel more at home with larger numbers
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That is normal fish behavior and nothing to worry about. I have seen my existing fish swim around the bag still holding the yet to be released new fish, checking them out. It's like, "Who is this guy?" Once introduced, everything will be fine.
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