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SubscribeMixed Tetra?
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male usa us-california
I have a 55gal community tank running a Rena Xp3 filter.
5 Kuhli loaches
3 Otto's
7 Neons
The neons have only been in for 3 days and seem to be doing quite well. I will get 5-7 more and was also thinking of 12-14 Black cardinals. Tank is lightly planted, going to add many more plants in the near future. Will the two different tetras get along OK or is this a recipe for disaster?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
The Barnes and Nobel tank in baltimore has plenty of different schools of tetras, never seen any harassment between the groups. Might even make the cards keep to their school rather then getting too relaxed.

IMO you'd be fine with that stocking.


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