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SubscribeRed Phantom and Lemon schools
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male australia
Hi all
Just an observation I would like to share. I have approx 10 of each red phantom and lemon tetras in a 5ft comm tank. Its fairly well planted with driftwood and rocks n plants. Also swimming at will are two Angels some kribs and various loach's. I have noticed two things.

A)While my lemon tetras school most of the time my red phantoms hardly school at all. They "hang" very loosly together if at all. If anything id say they hang around in groups of 2-3 but even that is stretching the word grouping. They have been like this from day one (approx 1.5 months ago).
Interesting because I thought they would school with themselves or even with the other tetras (lemons).

B)With the temperature up around 29 (lemon max) the lemons dont or stopped schooling. Return it back to 26 and they are back to normal schooling behaviour.

My 5footer
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Mega Fish
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In my experience Red Phantoms are among the timidest of tetras (along with Glowlights); they have a tendency to hide behind plants if they feel outnumbered by other fish. (The books also keep saying that -- like Neons -- they prefer temperatures a bit lower than your usual tropical: around 72 F or 22 C, although mine have seemed to stand up quite nicely to regular Tropical temperatures. Indeed, they seem to me to be fairly durable fish despite their timid tendencies,)
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Big Fish
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male usa
i would say maybe increase the shool some more or even get black phantoms that might help they look the same or even the white fin tetras
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