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SubscribeRummynose Tetras
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male australia au-victoria
just thought id add my input.
i just bought 20 or rummy noses, for various reasons i dont like to let my fish in the bags too long (but each to their own on this one), so after about 10mins or so in the tank int he bag i released them, and they were all fine. 4-5 days later and they are great, schooling extremely well and all of them are beautifully red. though i will admit i suspect 1 or 2 have gone missing (as you expect when buying a few tetras).
So i wonder if this whole transport shock thing is also due to how many you buy at one time??? maybe they feel more secure in the larger numbers and are somehow more resilient???
from what i have read, it seems that the ppl who buy 6-8ish at a time have quite a high fatality rate???? or it could be just the ppl with high fatality rates are posting, but would be interested to see what you guys think.

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Fish Addict
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male usa
well, just to update, I bought my last batch several months ago and haven't lost a one... they are all very active, vividly colored and doing quite well.
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