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Small Fry
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female usa
Ok so i have a female guppy that was very happy and get along just fine with the other fish. For the past 2 days she just stays hidden somewhere nice and quiet in the tank. “Lola” does not look for food as well; However I noticed a wide opening "in her birth canal" with some little things sticking out. i first may thought that a baby guppy could somehow be stuck but she does not look like she is pregnant. Since i have another female guppy that is due any time, i'm scared of using any chemicals, but then i`m not sure what i would be treating for. I`m also scared of using chemicals and harming the since i have 7 week old guppies. I did not notice any patches around Lola’s skin. i`m sorry by i couldn't get such a good picture.
I’ve also went to the local pet store and they have no idea what it is, the only advice was… "if its a tale then you can pull it right off" I did get the salt, and added 2 teaspoon of salt mixed with the tank water yesterday after i changed 50% of my 10 gal/ water. Also after I changed the water I did the water strip test and everything came back perfectly. The levels are right where it should be. I`m very new at this and I’m desperately trying to find an answer any idea anyone?
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
For one thing test strips tend to be somewhat unreliable. Look for a 'master test kit' They'll have ammonia nitrIte and nitrAte dropper tests along with ph. The first three are the most important ones to get. You can buy them separately as well.

How long has the tank been set up and running with fish? did you cycle the tank or just add fish to a new tank?

I've never put salt in my guppy tank. They don't need it. I suggest doing another water change and only adding a good quality dechlorinator (one that removes chlorine and chloramine is good.

Can you describe these patches? color? texture? does it look like her scales or something on top.

Does she not eat at all or is she not fast enough to get to the food? Usually once a fish has stopped eating the chance of recovery is not good.


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Small Fry
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I learned this:
Salt is bad for fish, preform water changes right away. Make sure that you match the temperature of the new water with the water in the tank. Use a thermometer to ensure the correct temperature.

I immediately change water in my fish tank.
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