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SubscribeRed bloody spots on fish?!
Small Fry
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These past few days I've noticed that some of my female fish have these red bloody looking spots in their tale and body. Anyone know what they are?! Please help!

*** I've added some salt to my tank that's supposed to help get rid of disease.

Love my fishies!
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Salt is bad for fish, preform water changes right away. Make sure that you match the temperature of the new water with the water in the tank. Use a thermometer to ensure the correct temperature. Use water conditioner for the new water, a good quality one that removes chlorine, cholramine, and heavy metals.

Do not add salt.

Change 50% of the water now, and 50% of the water 12 hours from now.

Red bloody spots could be an injury that will heal if it looks like they bumped against something.

It could be septicemia if it looks like the fish is bleeding under the scales and you can see streaks of blood

Here is a link on septicemia


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male costarica
Hello fishyfishluvs,

Could you post more information on your tank please? This way we can look into what may be causing the issue and hekp you out on finding an accurate treatment.

Please post:
-Tank size?
-What kind of fish and how many you have of each?
-How regularly do you perform water changes and the percentage changed?
-Have you introduced new fish lately?
-what type of fish is infected?

Please elaborate on the type of spots on the fish... Are they open sores? Are thy under the skin? Are they bulging out like a lump or are they like holes in the skin? And any other details that you may notice like size, or if they are multiplying in numbers or expanding in size.

Take a look at the link Babel posted for you if it fits the bill do a search online for pictures of fish with this ailment to see if it matches your situation.

Keep us updated so we can help you diagnose your problem so you can provide treatment as soon as possible.


Leaning towards the better side of life
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