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SubscribeSick Angel??
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male usa
Hi all,

One of my angel fish seems to be sick. I say seems because she is not eating anything to my knowledge now or for the last week or more. At times she will grab a flake, but promptly spit it out. I tried freeze dried blood worms and the same thing. When I looked at her a little closer her abdomen looked a bet larger than it usually did (I initially thought she my be ready to lay eggs again, but she has not). She is not swimming crooked or anything, scales appear normal, she just looks disinterested to put it in human terms. She is one of four angels in the tank and is the oldest at about 14 months old and is also one of the largest at about 3 inches in diameter (not fins).

As for the parameters:
Water Parameters
There are many things in a fish tank that can cause a fish to appear sick, when natural toxins or water chemistry are not just right.

Ammonia: Needs testing
Nitrite: Needs testing
Nitrate: Needs testing
pH: Needs testing
Temp: 82 degrees

Thanks in advance for any insight. I will try to get this info soon.

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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A fish that is not eating in general usually doesn't make a recovery.

I'm surprised she's spitting out blood worms. I'd keep up with feeding, see if she shows any interest in frozen peas. Take one or two peas from the freezer and let them warm in your hand. Then roll or pop them out of the skin and set the skin in the compost bin. Each half can then be mashed between fingers or sliced into bits with your nail. Offer a little at a time before the regular feeding, if she doesn't go for them hopefully a bottom feeder will enjoy it. If it's not eggs she may just be blocked up and peas will help....move things along.... .

After she spits food out does she try and take another bite? Most of my smaller mouthed fish will do that if they get a piece that's just a bit too large for them.


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She may be getting bullied by the other angels. I had the same thing happen with my EBJD. I had 5 of them and ended up with only 1 in the end
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