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Small Fry
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female usa
Hey guys I just recently discovered that I have some kind of worms in my tank.. They are on the glass and free floating.. I recently brought home a silver dollar from petco and it had some kind of wound on it which I was told that it was from the silver dollars attacking each other.. I went back to the store today and saw that the silver dollar tank had a sign on it that said under observation not for sale.. When I looked inside the other silver dollars had giant open red lesions on there sides.. Now I have these white worms in all for of my tanks.. Idk if it's a coincidence or not... My jack dempseys have been rubbing off stuff in the tank and have not eaten in days... My male has something hanging out of the bottom of him that is clear and almost looks like tiny fins.. Please help me.. I have so much involved with all these fish and I'm freaking out please help me.. 😌
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