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Subscribesick guppies, and solution?
Small Fry
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I just got 5 guppies; 4 from the pet store and one from a friend.

The first 48 hours I had them home the biggest fish died. I figured, she was the biggest/ oldest and had been there a while(she was black and white, even the petstore guy was shocked when I wanted her, he described her as drab). She showed no signs of being sick, she just up and died.

Today I saw the male guppy sitting near the filter getting pushed around by the current of the water when I noticed that he looked way different. on the edge of his tail he now was a orange/red stripe. his left gill seems to be enlarged; I can't completely tell because there is also a growth doming off of it...

I have looked through pictures and have decided that the tail edge must be fin ick. but I cannot figure out what the growth is?

growth - white/clear, wavy, looks kind of like mold, it kind of looks like his gill is shredded(but I believe that this is just a growth off of his gill) and the growth is like dandilion petals. I know that this is not probably something I should have done, but I took a pair of tweezers and grabbed on to one of the really long strands, it is reallystuck on to him(I gently pulled about 2cm to realize that I was dragging him with it).

I am really worried about him. I have put him in an emergency tank for isolation. he seem to do fine in it, but the growth weighs him down so he tips over on his side. Is there something I can do to get rid of it? what is it?

Thank you for your help!
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Are you confusing fin rot and ich?

Ich looks like little grains of salt

Fin rot looks like wear or thinning of the fins, sometimes the fin looks to be a bit paler at the edge.

If you have a test kit run a full set of tests, ammonia, nitrIte nitrATe and ph will give us an idea of what the conditions are in your tank.

Did you acclimate them to the new tank slowly? What filter are you running and what sized tank is this.


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