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SubscribeAquariums R us..?
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male australia
ok so iv been looking into the tanks on this site and wondering why they are so cheap, so i was wondering if any body in Queensland, AUS, has had anything to do with these or has bought anything off them, whether it is excelent quality and also weather they use new glass for there tanks.. it says on there site they do but you cant tell if they dont anyway can you?
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male australia
I live in Brisbane and have bought all my tanks from there and they are great. They keep their prices low because they manufacture their tanks, stands etc on site at their Albion store I believe.... Highly recommended.
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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Pretty sure they always use new glass for their tanks. Adam and I were down there buying auto feeders from him a few months ago. We asked about one of our tanks that had a crack in it and if he thought it'd be safe to refill.

Most of his tanks are double glass I believe? That's what ours is anyway and it could have been one of our tanks that came from there. Anyway, they're pretty good like marine race mentioned.

Always pretty good to get from a local rather than lead filled made in china stuff.


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