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SubscribeGot a SCUBA licence?
Mega Fish
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female australia
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Is this what I have ahead of me?

You two are funny.

~~~ My fish blow kisses at me all day long ~~~
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Dive Site (noun): Any body of water that is deep enough to trigger modern day dive computers.
The older meaning of this word includes any puddle of water in which you can submerge your body and kick.

I know of one 20 min drive from our house dear


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Been diving over 31 years now. Quit counting number of dives when I went over 2000, which was about 10-12 years ago. Lived on the beach in Florida till I was 18, so lots of diving. Deepest dive 210 feet.

Cost, well yes it does have a substantial cost. If you are just learning though, I recommend you just rent the more expensive equiptment until you figure out how much diving you will be doing. The equiptment, if kept regularly service, will last you for a lifetime, or very close to it. I have 3 complete sets of dive gear. One for recreational, one for recreational backup, and one for spec op diving. I used to be a PADI instructor with main area of expertise of search and recovery, and search and rescue. Mostly taught fire departments and the sherrif deputies, but now am just a Dive Master, and Master SCUBA Diver. I hold specialize certs in deep water diving, wreck diving, night diving, search and recovery, rescue, navigational diving, underwater photography, aquatic life study, and re-breathers.

As for best and worst things about diving....
Best..... everything about it.
Worst..... can't think of anything.

As for best and worst dives...
Best, there are several;
2 weeks spent diving in Cuba with UNEXSO on a shark study.
Seahorses in Curocau
And one dive in particular about 8 years ago; Was diving off of Bimini (Caribean), and got lucky and was filming some sharks up close and personal. I drifted down to the sand at about 100 feet and rest on my knees with these 2 med sized reef sharks circling me at about 5 feet from me. Next thing I know, there were over 15 sharks ranging from 2-10 feet long cicling me, most were reef sharks, with the 2 larger at about 10 feet, bull sharks. It was truely amazing. Later I found out that it was an old "shark feeding dive" area. So the sharks were probably thinking they were going to be fed by me soon. But at the time, it was the most amazing and exciting dive I was ever on.
The other best dive I have ever done, was in Panaman City Beach, Florida. I was spear fishing with a Hawaian Sling. At about 20 feet down, I saw a 6 foot Cobia. I launched my spear, and the fun began. For 10 minutes I struggled with this fish to get him on my stringer on my hip to contain him. Once that was done, I surfaced and found myself almost 2 miles away from the dive boat, and had less than 200lbs of air left (normally the tank would have lasted me about 45 mins at 80-90 feet). They sent out a dingy to get me. And when we docked, the newspapers were there to get a pic of my and my Cobia. Was the biggest fish speared that year off of Panama City Beach.


There is always a bigger fish...
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