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Mega Fish
Mile High....
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female australia us-colorado
Almost everyone I know that had/has a Dell refuses to buy another one. Except the higher end models.

I am currently on my 4th notebook in 5 years. 1st was a toshiba that would randomly shut down for no reason, second was a compaq (hubby now has) third was a gateway and now my new HP (a year old) has done me well.
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Fish Master
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female usa
uhm i bought a macbook for going off to college and it was the best investment of my life - it works PERFECT with itunes, i always had issues on my PCs, i like the way aim works better, i have awesome video chatting capabilities, and it's just so easy to work with, really user friendly.

so even though it wasn't a choice, i vote macbook :-D

-Formerly known as the Ferretfish
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Ultimate Fish Guru
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male usa
my family is split.

i have two labtops, handy downs

Anyway, and older IBM, and the one that im using now, a acer. It is good for college as it is a tablet labtop and you can write stuff down. asignments etc....

I dont like the durablity.

Anyway you might also want to look into a macbook. My sister(senior at boston university) uses her macbook. It gets the job done for schools.

My dad uses a another brand not sure,

You cant go wrong with a sony vaio. Thats the brand im looking into next year when i go off to college.
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Catfish/Oddball Fan
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male usa us-delaware
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I've heard it's not a good idea to get mac right now; unless you're impatient, it might be best to wait until October when they release Mac OS X Leopard. Someone else can chime in on that issue, though, if that's not true.

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The Hobnob-lin
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male usa
no, it's absolutely true. the new OSX is due in mid-october, although apple is known to offer free upgrades if you buy within a few weeks of the release date

"That's the trouble with political jokes in this country... they get elected!" -- Dave Lippman
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Mega Fish
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male usa
I just got a Dell D820 from my school... I like it thus far

It seems durable, the keyboard is quiet, it has plenty of USB ports, it seems well built, the screen is big and fast (widescreen tft), the thing is blazing fast (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2gb ddr2 ram, nvidia quadro nvs 110/go force 7300 gpu), built in wifi and gigabit lan...

Only things I do NOT like about it are the touchpad and the trackpoint. The touchpad seems like it's 5 years old and needs to be replaced already (been that way since I first took it out of the box)... responds slowly and ya gotta push really hard to click with it. The trackpoint is WAY too fast, and not pressure sensitive! C'mon, even my old IBM from like '97 that had WinCE on it had a pressure sensitive trackpoint! And it gets worse... you can't adjust the speeds independently... so you either use one or the other 'cause one of them will be either too fast or too slow to use! And it's not just this laptop in particular... all of my classmates (who got identical laptops) have the same complaints!

Other than that, I like it. Of course, the situation can be easily remedied by buying a new mouse (I'm ordering a Logitech VX Revolution)... but still...
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