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Small Fry
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male australia au-newsouthwales
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Hi guys and girls,

I used to post and lurk here in the past under a different user name (fan fan) but cant for the life of me remember how I spelt the user name, nor which email I signed up with, nor my password.

So I decided to use my normal user name from car forums to start a new profile here.

My name's Chris, Im from the Central Coast, NSW, Australia,

I've got a 4ft (250l) freshwater, tropical tank.

1200LPH aqua one canister filter, cheapo resun twin outlet air pump, stainless steel heater with external temp control, Resun powerhead (only just put it back in, forgot I had it, but its good for some extra movement)

Stocked with-

4x Clown loaches, one about 3 years old and a good 6 inches long, 3 about 6 months old and 2.5 inches long.

3x large BN catfish (2 females, 1 male (breeders too))

6x rummy nose tetras

1x serpae tetra (didnt like it when I bought him some new school mates, just prefers it on his own, had him for about 3 years)

4x red finned black sharks, largest is about 7 inches long, smallest about 5 inches.

Aside from my main fish, Ive had about 40 BN babies floating around in the tank for 4 months, various sizes (inch long to 4 inch long)

Sold 15 to a local aquarium shop (awesome aquariums at tuggerah) and used the money to buy the three clown loaches from the same bloke. (plus some cash in my pocket)

So still have a whole bunch of babies floating around, and looks like my main female is gearing up for another batch of eggs.

Aside from fish Im mainly a car person, have waay too many at the moment, lots of projects (HX ute, LJ torana, HZ wagon)I work in marketing, bought my first house 18 months ago and thats all there is really!

some photos of my tank-

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Small Fry with Ketchup
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female australia us-maryland
Welcome back

Tanks looking good


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