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SubscribeNewish Old Member :)
Small Fry
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Registered: 14-Oct-2010
female usa
Hi eveyone! I just wanted to quick introduce yself. My name is Brandi and I used to belong to this site years ago. I don't remember my screen name though

I'm 24, I work at my LFS in the fish room. I own salt and freshwater fish.

As my quote says at the bottom, sometimes I just feel the need to talk fish, and well the people in my life just aren't that into it anymore. So here I am! I can't wait to get to know all of you!

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Fish Guru
Piranha Bait
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male canada ca-ontario
Hi Brandi, welcome back to FP !

I was dafishman in here years ago, then got into aquatic mosses, it was hinted at I should change my name...

Sounds like you know your stuff ! I wished I worked at my fave fish store, but I'll settle for my last purchase there, a little school of zebra otos. They might be getting more

My fave area of the hobby is south american cichlids and plant tanks.

The Amazon Nut...
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DeletedPosted 28-Jan-2015 10:01
This post has been deleted
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