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Mega Fish
Posts: 1105
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Registered: 22-Feb-2003
male australia
Jee wiz,what happen to all the people that used to visit this site daily.
Not much happens here anymore...its a shame too..
FP is a dam good site...
Post InfoPosted 24-Apr-2011 10:04Profile MSN PM Edit Report 
koi keeper
Posts: 3203
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Registered: 29-Dec-2001
female usa us-iowa
Not sure either. I think a lot of us got busy with life

Site could be revitalized, but it would take folks dedicated to being here to answer questions and help folks out.

Empty chairs at empty tables, the room silent, forlorn.
Post InfoPosted 04-May-2011 06:06Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
DeletedPosted 04-May-2011 06:06
This post has been deleted
Fish Addict
Posts: 521
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Registered: 10-Apr-2005
male usa
I sold all my fish stuff when I moved almost 2 years ago and some how today I rememebered the site and my log in . I plan on making a full come back. I miss having my big tanks

Fish tanks are an expensive addiction
Post InfoPosted 22-May-2011 20:34Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
Posts: 660
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Registered: 10-Oct-2003
male usa us-pennsylvania
kinda depressing huh? I have noticed other sites with participation issues as well, mostly. Aquaticplantcentral is starting to go too. For me its hard, life gets in the way. I also hope to make a full recovery in a couple years. hello to everyone that remembers me though!
Post InfoPosted 12-Sep-2011 13:52Profile Homepage PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Guru
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Registered: 18-Jan-2003
male usa
College happened
Post InfoPosted 10-Oct-2011 22:15Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Posts: 166
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Registered: 03-Apr-2005
male usa us-california
Times is tough and a lot of people have to put whatever hobby they have on hold or at least lower on there priority list. Me, I am one of the lucky ones that are working (working allot)so I don't have the time I used to have. I do miss it. Still have my 55gal set up and running though. Hi all. I remember you clownloachfan.
Post InfoPosted 15-Oct-2011 12:02Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
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