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Subscribeomg hi [but where is the awesome zebera danio background??????]
king noget
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Registered: 28-Nov-2001
wow what a king forum.

BTW, does any one still keep White could mountain minows? they are the business...
but I hear they have gone out of fashion... these days its all "Heckel discus this & Symphysodon aequifasciatus that... with the Neon tetra combo etc, etc"...
just too gimmick for my liking...

So, what are other ppls thoughts on the average main-stream (lol?) set-up?

maybe you are better off this way
Post InfoPosted 29-Apr-2010 04:58Profile PM Edit Report 
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male australia au-queensland

I'm still waiting for clown loaches to be popular again
Post InfoPosted 29-Apr-2010 06:39Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Mega Fish
Dial 1800-Positive-Posts
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female australia
Hey, yeah. I had white cloud mountain minnows in a work tank on my desk. Haven't thought about them in ages.

Thanks for the lil trip down memory lane.

~~~ My fish blow kisses at me all day long ~~~
Post InfoPosted 21-Aug-2010 12:20Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Fish Addict
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male newzealand
Wait, clown loaches aren't popular anymore? That's news to me, they're still pretty popular here. Harder to find WCMMs though they're far from impossible to get.
Post InfoPosted 28-Aug-2010 20:28Profile PM Edit Delete Report 
Small Fry
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Registered: 14-Oct-2010
female usa
I work in my LFS and I LOVE white clouds, but you're right, no one buys them anymore, and most people haven't even heard of them! Clown loaches on the other hand we just can't keep in. I just wish I could make people understand that they are not the best beginner fish...but you can tell someone something all day long, and if they don't want to hear it they won't...
Post InfoPosted 16-Oct-2010 02:47Profile Homepage PM Edit Delete Report 
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