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Member Name:Barb_Fan2
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Member Since:12-Jan-2006
Last Visit:28-Feb-2017 19:33
Location:New Jersey
Country:usa   us-newjersey
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My Plants/Ornaments:(4)Driftwood Pieces
(2)Sword Plants
(3)Java Fern plants
(1)Java Moss
My Fish:(4)Cherry Barbs
(3)Angel fish
(2)Rummy nose
(4)Neon Tetra
(2)Hi-fin Tetra
(6)Ghost Shrimp
(1)Yoyo Loach
(1)Common Pl*co
(1)Clown Pl*co
My Tank:55 Gallons

Silica/Gravel Substrate

(1)Marineland Penquin 350 Filters
(1)200 Watt Submersible Heater
(1)Whisper 60 Air Pump

20 Gallon fry tank
29 Gallon display tank cycling
75 Gallon collecting dusk
20 Gallon spare tank
40 Gallon breeder being setup soon
2.5 Gallon hospital tank
My Pond:Coming this spring


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