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Pot:2 small gold fish. Well planted
Pond:7 fat gold fish, water lily, nardoo.
Kitchen 6G::Breeding pair of Kribs and Rosy Barbs. Dark brown gravel substrate, anubias on lava rock, massess of java moss and java fern.
Monster 45G:1 lgs Common Pleco, pair Pearl Cichlid (Geophagus Braziliensis), 15 Black Neons, 5 Congo Tetras, black ghost knife. White sand substrate, latex background, large pieces of driftwood, swords, crispus and crypts. Aquaone Filtration.
Show 100G::pair Kribs + babies; 30+ Cardinals; 10 Glowlight; 10 Black Tetras; 15 Blue + Red Columbian Tetras, 3 Discus, 4 clown loaches, 3 Siamese Flying Fox; well planted.
Filter: Hydor Prime 30.


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