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29 Gallon:2 dalmation mollys,1 white skirt tetras, 6 zebra danios, 3 harlequien rasboras,1 brazilian royal pleco(young) 1 iridescant shark, 2 african butterflys, 1 Boesmani Rainbow,6 bronze corydoras, fully live planted
10 Gal: a whole lot of molly fry and a guppy family
45 Gal Bowfront:not set up yet all i have is the glass, will be a reef tank
2 Gal Invert:2 fiddler crabs 3 ghost shrimp, 3 mystery snails 3 mounatin minnows
25 Gallon Brackish:2 green spotted puffers, 2 baby mollys


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