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165L (43.5 G) Community Tank:Planted Tank containing
2 Harlequin Rasboras (Menai Pets Port)
5 Corydoras sterbai - approx (Auburn)
6 Corydoras caudimaculatus (Auburn)
5 otos (Menai Pets Port)
1 Fire Ruby Discus (striated) (29.06.07) (SLS)
1 Super Alenquer Discus - 21.07.07 (Xtreme)
1 Red Checkerboard Turq - 28.07.07 (Aust Discus Assoc)
1 Albino Mixed - Aug 07 (Xtreme)
A Blue Diamond Discus - Aug 07 (Xtreme)
1 Red Alencer Discus - 21.01.08 (B & C)
2 x F Apisto Cacatuoides Super Red 21.01.08 (B & C)
Wild Royal B
74G Divided & Planted:Divided Tank Set Up: 6 Sept 07
Left Half: Right Half: Pelvicachromis taeniatus Nigerian Red - 2 males & 3 females. 1 pair from Auburn late 07. The rest 21.01.08 (B & C)
2 Ottos
ADA substrate, Cal Aqua Lily Pipes, Pressurised C02, Planted
Compac PC, 2 x 96W bulbs.
79G Malwai Planted Tank:Tank Set Up: 7 Sept 07
Black substrate, mixture of coral rocks & holey rocks. Anubias (various types), amazon swords, java fern.
4 Clown Loaches (Auburn)
Compact PC, 4 x 55 Watts, with moonlight - fully programmable


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