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220 Litre Cichlid Tank:Dimidiochromis compressiceps
Pseudotropheus socolofi (Albino)
2 Hemichromis bimaculatus
Sciaenochromis fryeri
70 Litre Cold Water Tank:1 common goldfish
1 Black moore
3 Golden Danio
3 Zebra Danio
8 Guppy
260 Litre Tropical Freshwater:2 Shark cats (Hexanematichthys seemanni)
5 clown loach (Chromobotia macracanthus)
3 yo-yo loach (Botia almorhae)
3 Sterba's Cory (Corydoras sterbai)
Pictus cat (Pimelodus pictus)
Ghost Knife (Apteronotus albifrons)
pleco (Pterygoplichthys pardalis)
sultan pleco (Leporacanthicus joselimai)
3 glass cats (Kryptopterus minor)
4 baby angels (Pterophyllum scalare)
1 diamond head neon
fire eel
Dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia)
Pearl gourami (Trichogaster leerii)
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