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Brewing beer, and then drinking it
Martial arts, instructor Tae Kwan Do, Combat Hapkito, Krav Maga, Judo, Akido, Kempo, Escrima.
Heavy weapons armored combat, rapier, sword, pole arm, pole ax, great sword, katana, battle ax, and combat archery. Also body building.
125 Gal. Salt Water:Reef tank, leather coral, zoanthids, mushrooms, gargonia, brain coral, pair of True Purcula clown, yellow tang, Blue hippo tang, Copperbanded butterfly, Fire goby, royal gramma, strawberry basselest, Sebae anemone, cleaner shrimp, herd of peppermint shrimp, brittle star, serpent star, over 200 pounds of live rock.


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