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65 Gal. Community Tank:Equipment: 2 Fluval 3 Plus submersible power filters, 200 watt Ebo Jager heater, 96 watt compact fluorescent fixture.
Decor: large piece of branchy bogwood with anubias nana, anubias coffeefolia, and anubias congensis tied on. The background is a 24x36 fantasy landscape poster.
Inhabitants: 2 angelfish, 1 female pearl gourami, 7 various male rainbowfish, 7 SAEs, 4 leopard ctenopomas, 1 striped raphael catfish.
30 Gal. Tanganyikan Tank:Equipment: 2 Fluval 3 Plus submersible power filters, 150 watt Ebo jager heater, Coralife 30" compact fluorescent light.
Decor: CaribSea Florida Moonrock and ceramic caves from glued together into piles, Eco-Complete cichlid sand, and narrow leaf java fern, anubias coffeefolia, and anubias heterophilia.
Inhabitants: 4 generations of Neolamprologous Caudopunctatus.


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