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Feeding Part 3:Fish all fresh & uncooked
SW fish frame.
Various SW fish mashed
Roe FW & SW
Raw lambs liver mashed very fine about 1/2 tea spoon.
Vegetables Cooked all mashed
Vegetables Raw
Pear core
Banana. Small pieces.
Feeding Part 2:15 Lb fishing line suspends the pear core & the fish frame. The tomato & the zucchini are held to a flat rock by an elastic band. Two small river pebbles hold down the lettuce leaf.
When feeding with the fish frame, pear core, and the lettuce I do not leave it too long, one hour at the most. I would only feed the fish frame the day before I do my 50 Lt weekly water change.
Once I found a tomato seed that had started to sprout in the internal filter I was using at the time.
Feeding Part 1:I mix and rotate the different types of sinking food each day when I do not feed them with the frozen Blood Worms.
The mixture is always Flakes, sinking pellets, and algae wafers broken up. With the Worms they also get the algae wafers broken up.
The different foods I use are many and varied, never at any specific time or day. All this started not long after viewing FP. I am always willing to try something different. I believe that is the reason why my fish are so healthy as they get
5Ft Placidity Tank:Set up Feb 2003 Re Aquscaped Oct 007
Eheim Pro11, fully UGF, 2 heaters. UGF risers have their own air pump.
Plants 5 extra Large 15+yld Anubias, medium & smaller varieties as well, serated Jave Fern.
Silver Sharks 1L
Clown Loaches 2L 6M
BN 10s 3m
6 Opaline Gourami
Hoplo Catfish L
4 Bolivian rams.
30% stored prepared water changes weekly
Eheim full pulldown and cleaning monthly
11G Cardinal Desk Top Tank:Set up July 07
20 Cardinal Tetras.
4 Khuli loaches
1 Otto
25+ Red Cherry Shrimps
1 small piece of DW & Small rocks.
HOB filter, heater & airstrip at side/front
Plants Crypt nevilli, a tall variety?? & , Anubias Nana.
Lighting a twin 18ins Sera daylight & plant tubes 11 hrs a day.
A small Rena air pump.


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