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Coldwater Fish Kept:Koi, Goldfish, and Orfe.
Tropical Fish Kept:In numerous tanks of varying sizes:
plecs, plecs and more plecs. Full grown sizes from 2 inches up to 18 inches, all juveniles.
Cories, various
Tetras and Danios, various
Kuhli loach
Pure strain Black bar Endlers,
Black-chinned livebearers,
Halfbeaks, various species,
Splendens fighters, including home bred,
Bamboo shrimps,
Crystal Red Shrimps, new future breeding stock,
Cherry Shrimps, breeding like wild fire,
An albino Oscar
Plus fry from platies, guppies, danio
Tanks:The tanks I have are, from biggest down:
2x 500L holding tanks, only in use during summer periods, when and if needed,
2x 300L on 2 high stand, number one contains juvinile koi, goldfish and an orfe. Second is my main community tank.

130L A softwater community setup

100L 2x gibbiceps plecs and an oscar, all juviniles, and will eventually be moved to larger accomodation.

80L growing on tank for all larger fry, not yet ready to be sold.

80L A pretty much leave alone tank containing


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