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Member Name:luvmykrib
Member Type:Premium
Member Since:08-Nov-2005
Last Visit:03-Apr-2006 20:45
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Status:Fish Addict
Quiz Score:*******
Aquarank Votes:27
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Signature:"If you're afraid you'll make a mistake, you won't make anything."
-Family Circus
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My Mammals:3 children (animals every one of them wild too!)
2 cats
1 dog
1 hubby (guess he's a mammal, tho sometimes I wonder)
10 G Planted:1 Betta splendens (Buddy)
-4 panda cories
-2 ottos,
-5 harlequin rasboras
Substrate is 3 mm natural gravel
Planted with
-1 amazon sword
-1 anubias nana
-java fern
-java moss
-java fern 'windelov'
-water sprite
Filter Aqua-Clear mini (20)
-peat, bio-max, sponge
25 Gallon Planted:-1 Krib (Gorgeous)
-4 ottos
-1 Siamese Algae Eater (Sam)
-5 Zebra Danios
-6 Tiger Barbs
Tank Specs
Capacity(empty) 25 US Gallon
pH 7.5
Temp 25 Celsius
Aqua Clear 50 Filter
-filter floss
Planted with
-1 Amazon Sword
-2 Java Fern
-java fern 'windelov'
-java moss
-2 anubias
-water sprite
-9 Vals
-10 hygrophilia polysperma
-8 crypts
-1 Madagascar sword
-1 Onion
1 Driftwood
cave type ornaments
Flourish Iron
Flourish Excel


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