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Signature: Saint Paul, Minnesota USA 20g Freshwater Started June 10th 2008
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Plants:Echinodorus paniculatus aka Echinodorus bleheri (Broad-leaf Amazon Sword) 3 other plant types in both tanks.
Tank:20g Freshwater Aquarium, Back mounted Wisper20 filter, Black gravel substrate. Air stone. 15W Hg Light. Feeding w/Hikari Freeze Dried Blood Worms and TetraMin Flakes.

10g Freshwater Aquariaum to hold the Danios until my Bolivian Ram babies get big enough.
Fish:3 Giant Danios, 2 Leopard Danios, 3 Otocinclus and 2 Bolivian Rams w/about 30 babies.
Last Readings 6/8/08:6pH in 20g... varied in 10g tank.


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