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Tank#4:my betta bowl.
Tank#3:50 gallon. 2 Discus, 2 Angels, 10ish Neon Tetras.
Tank #2:30 gallon brackish. Just a freshwater moray right now.
Tank #1:150 gallon aquarium. 1 Albino Tiger Oscar, 1 Black convict, 1 fire mouth, 1 red devil, 1 blood parrot, 1 jack dempsy, 2 severums, 1 flower horn, two plecos, 2 eclipse cats, 1 synodontist cat.
About Me:Jessica, female, 21, Ventura County, CA
I've kept fish for about 10 years now, mostly cichlids and even so mostly south american and central american cichlids. I've bred Convicts, Fire Mouths, and Oscars, most of which have had successful broods of fry. I'm now researching breeding Bichirs, which there is not alot known about so we shall see. I have had some luck with breeding my angels, but its about a 60% success rate, angels and i don't seem to click. So yes, that's about it.


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