Euphyllia divisa
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Branching Frogspawn

Common Names: Branching Frogspawn
Classification: Euphyllia divisa
Description: LPS coral. Most common color forms are pinks, tans, greens. Often seen with purple tips.
Environment: Reef. Indo-Pacific range.
Hardiness: Not a difficult coral as long as proper conditions are met.
Lighting: Like other Euphyllia, this coral requires intense lighting for survival. Does best under metal halide lighting, though strong power compact or high output T5 lights are sufficient.
Current: Requires moderate to stronger flow.
21°C - 28°C
70°F - 82°F
Aggressiveness: Very aggressive. Like the other corals in its genus, frogspawns have the long sweeper tentacles with potent nematocysts. Will sting other corals so aquarium placement is crucial.
Feeding: Zooxanthellate but will take meaty foods as well.
Supplements: Calcium.
Position: Mid to upper level due to the need for intense light. Should be placed in an area with constant flow and away from all other corals.
Reproduction: Can be propagated through fragmentation.
Comments: Hardy coral if proper conditions are met. Should have high levels of calcium, over 400ppm. Maintain stable water quality and proper lighting and this coral should thrive. It is not uncommon to see clownfish hosting in this coral, as well as other from the genus, if they lack an anenome.
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