Echinophyllia spp.
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Chalice Coral

Common Names: Chalice Coral
Classification: Echinophyllia spp.
Description: Often seen in the shape of a cup, chalice corals grow thin and flat with many bumps, sometimes in a plating fashion, and sometimes encrusting. Though they come into stores lacking much color, these corals will turn into just about any color of the rainbow.
Environment: Reef. Indo Pacific.
Hardiness: Not a beginners coral, but sturdy and grows at a slow, but steady pace under good conditions.
Lighting: Tends to enjoy medium reef lighting conditions and will show it with lots of color. One of the few corals that can color up as much or more under PCs and VHOs than Halides. If put under halides, place low in the tank or in some shade for best color.
Current: Medium current.
22°C - 28°C
72°F - 82°F
Aggressiveness: Though there are some reports of high aggression from these corals, most have great luck with them and can keep them near other non-aggressive corals without issue.
Feeding: Nocturnal feeders. Will accept small meaty foods.
Supplements: A stony coral, therefore requiring good levels of calcium and carbonates along with other trace elements.
Position: Will do great in the sand, as well as on the rock structure if placed securely. Generally placed low to middle of the tank due to lighting needs.
Reproduction: Asexual fragmentation acheived successfully with hammer and small chisel. For thinner specimens, a razor and a bit of force is all that is needed. Even small penny sized peices of this coral will grow into a lorge colony given time.
Comments: One of the most colorful and oddly, most overlooked corals in the trade. Unfortunately, most colonies are slow growing and fragments can be hard to come by.
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